HINTON MORTAGE - I am so pissed!!!Ineed advice on what to do???

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Midland Mortage What a joke I hate this company. My lost home was financed by this company and they would not modify my loan......I was foreclosed Ilthink this action was really no leagally done and quite possibly they were some how connected with ERIC WALTON the person that bought my home who is abig fattttt *** and thief I hope one day he gets what he deserves and I *** he does not sleep well at night! ERIC WALTON is a theif and arrogant and loves to rip off people mostly women of course I feel very sooorry for his wife and his partner who did seem nice and genuine poor guy shoud not be associated or much less work with WALTON because it makes him seem like an assssss hole too.ERIC Walton will one day meet his maker GOOD LUCK ERIC WALTON!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish I could see this all happen I would cheer Satin on Poor guy will be stuck with ERIC WALTON his partneer and MIDLAND MORTAGE.

Hinton Mortage Clay ripped me off too said he was trying to help me keep my home when it foreclosed Midland said they never heard of the guy or his company much less that any one was trying to help me not even Midland.

My home auctioned off and I got Money from the sale!!!!!!!Waynesboro VA ! 2009 this all happened Bk Services also stool 100.00 from me a s I tried up to the last minute to file bankrupcy movinag company also a big rip off charge double the quote to move me !!@!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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